Solvitas Perambulatorum

Solvitas Perambulatorum is solving problems in the process of Physical Exercise
Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was an early fan of health and wellness. This is a man way ahead of his time. Imagine you are having writers block, but you are ………….WRITING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!!!!!!
So what did he do whenever he was faced with a challenge? He took a long walk.
“Of all exercise walking is best….No one knows, till he tries, how easily a habit of walking is acquired, ..I have known some great walkers, and I never knew or heard of one who was not healthy and long lived.”
OK that was 240 years ago!
He also knew the value of fresh food, whole grains, and viewed (good) wine as an important part of digestion. Sounds like my kinda guy! In a time when people were not expected to live very long, he lived to be 83.
So next time you are having a tough time or can’t make up your mind, go for a walk.
Solvitas Perambulatorum!