About Nikki Noya

Nikki Noya is a health and wellness expert and now the co host of The Jet Set.  She strives to empower everyone to achieve vibrancy, energy, radiance, and beautiful health through fitness, nutrition and balance. Nikki teaches the anti-aging benefits of nurturing nutrition and how food and movement can be the greatest beauty tools and ultimate allies.

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About Jet Set TV

The Jet Set is a fresh new talk show designed to reinvent travel television and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds and scenery of destinations around the world or here at home, along with you!

As the first hybrid talk and travel show, ‘The Jet Set’ is anchored from its ‘jet’ television set complete with an airplane wing desk and actual set pieces built from a decommissioned Boeing 747. Alternatively, like other travel shows, ‘The Jet Set’ hits the road to feature destinations, attractions, festivals and unique adventures.


“Nikki makes everything fun. She makes people feel energized, healthy and happy . She brings out the best in everyone .”

Jorge Colon

“I have never looked or felt better emotionally, physically and mentally!”

Denise De diego

“She’s one of the best fitness professionals I’ve ever and I highly recommend her for her amazing personality, her proven results and her dedication to her clients. I can honestly say she’s changed my life”

Kerry Shiller