Nikki’s Quick Ground Turkey Dinner Salad

Here is a great ground Turkey recipe that I like to make into a quick dinner salad over brown rice, with salad greens (especially arugula). It is quick and easy to make, taking only about 25 minutes in total and is delicious as a leftover the next day.

1 lb. ground turkey
olive oil
Worchester sauce
green olives
chopped onion
baby bella mushrooms
chopped green peppers
pine nuts
brown rice
lemon pepper

Bring a small to medium sized pot of water to boil for your rice. In a medium skillet on medium heat, quickly caramelize your onion adding your ground turkey a little at a time mixing in with the wooden spoon. Keep an eye on it, turning every few minutes with the spoon, add a little water as needed to keep it from charring on bottom of pan and keep the juices going. I usually toss in the peppers and mushrooms for the last five minutes or so to warm them up, but not over cook them, I like my vegetables a little firm.

When turkey is nicely done, add capers, olives, cilantro, Worchester sauce and pine nuts. In big bowl combine turkey and onion, mushroom, pepper mix stir with lots of love.

I like to make a nice bed of spicy arugula, then add brown rice on top, then add Turkey YUM. When you’re ready to eat, sprinkle a little lemon pepper and Voila a great meal to enjoy, and even better as a leftover during the week.