Quick Suggestions How To Stay Fit While Traveling

So many people ask me what are some great, easy, practical tips on how to keep up your wellness program while you are traveling. The most important thing is planning ahead and being prepared!

This is what I do:

  • Pack your sneakers. I put my workout clothes in my sneakers so I have no excuses not to get moving.
  • Bring snacks. I always have healthy, portable snacks on me at all times. You never know when your flight will be delayed, or your meeting goes late, or you don’t have access to good food. Plus, when you have snacks with you, you will never get to that code red hunger zone. That means you are so hungry anything and everything looks good. Like donuts. Like chips. Like soda. Like greasy drive thru.
  • Let technology work for you. I love Apps like Map my Run, Plus20, and Foodtripping. Find what you like and let it work for you.
  • Finally, listen to your body. Make sure to stay hydrated, get good rest, and enjoy yourself!

Be Vibrant. Live Healthy. Get Moving