Start Off With Nikki’s Top Twelve Nutrition Tips

HYDRATE – First thing in the morning, drink a glass of water. It will jump start your body and get the digestive system going.

INSURE – Take a multi-vitamin. Keep your bases covered. Make sure you take it with food!

EAT BREAKFAST – It doesn’t have to be first thing, just makes sure it happens before the hunger monster gets to you.

SHOP AHEAD – Have a well stocked kitchen and a food plan. It keeps you on track and eliminates the “I need to eat right now and I don’t care what it is!” pitfalls.

SLOW DOWN! – Focus on each bite. Chewing your food helps in digestion. PUT YOUR UTENSILS DOWN BETWEEN EACH BITE.

STOP EATING WHEN YOU ARE FULL – Your stomach is actually smaller than you think…about the size of your fist.


ALWAYS BE PREPARED – MAKE SNACK PACKS. I like almonds, dark chocolate chips and dried cranberries together. YUM

DEPRIVATION IS NO FUN, ENJOY FOOD! – If I feel like cheese and crackers I have a little. And I make sure its GOOD cheese!

GET AWAY FROM PROCESSED FOODS – Why would you want to put those chemicals in your body?

THE MORE COLOR THE BETTER – Think of bright blueberries, eggplant, spinach, peppers. Colors mean vitamins and minerals…make your plate as colorful as possible!

COCKTAILS HAVE CALORIES – But a little red wine can be very good for you. Stick to the two glass max rule and your skin will thank you too.