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Move And Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The only way to make a significant change in your life is to get out of your comfort zone. Easier said than done, right? They call it a comfort zone because it’s comfortable! You cannot grow as a person if you are doing the same thing over and over. Here is an example: Even though […]

Nikki’s Quick and Easy Beauty Salad

I love this salad for lunch. Colorful, nutritious, and energizing. So easy to make and the benefits are amazing! 10 minutes Ingredients Watercress 1 avocado 1/3 cup walnuts 1 apple (I love pink lady or Fuji ) 1/ 3 cup feta cheese Lemon pepper I also like to throw in tuna, sliced chicken, or if […]

Task: How To Find Your Fountain Of Youth

In 1513 Ponce de Leon traveled throughout Florida in search of the “Fountain Of Youth.” For thousands of years, the legend of a magical spring that gave everlasting youth to whoever drank its waters had been passed on from generation to generation. The mythical fountain was never found, but people are still searching!Well, besides coming […]

Savory Chicken Tacos And Guacamole

Having everyone over to watch the game? Sunday brunch with the girls? This crowd favorite is sure to please everyone. Warning: best guacamole recipe ever! Ingredients 1 lb. ground chicken 1 head iceberg lettuce I package baby bella mushrooms 1 chopped leek minced garlic 1 package low sodium taco seasoning low fat sour cream, if […]


Be Vibrant, Beauty Starts From Within

One of my mantras is, Beauty starts from Within. One of the ways I stay vibrant is by helping others achieve their goals. When I help others, I am actually helping myself. I am constantly inspired and motivated by my clients . Another way I stay vibrant is by giving back to my community. I […]

Nikki’s No Fuss Famous Turkey Chili Recipe

This is my family’s favorite dish, especially in chilly weather. It’s actually better the second day. I make a big pot of it so a healthy meal is always ready to go. Ingredients: 1 pack of chili seasoning like McCormicks 2 lbs ground turkey 1 large can diced tomatoes 1 large can kidney beans 1 […]


Be Vibrant, Live Healthy, Get Moving

What does that mean? Living a well-balanced lifestyle requires 3 basic elements: Being Vibrant means having a positive attitude in all that you do. It means shining from the inside out, and having powerful energy. Live Healthy means nourishing your body and soul. Feeding your body with beautiful nutrition and hydration is a foundation of […]

Solvitas Perambulatorum

Solvitas Perambulatorum is solving problems in the process of Physical Exercise Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was an early fan of health and wellness. This is a man way ahead of his time. Imagine you are having writers block, but you are ………….WRITING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!!!!!! So what did he do whenever he […]

All Those Tiny Pills

Have you payed attention to how your medicine looks? Many pills look the same……………. What about mixing medicine? This could be potentially hazardous Some medicine you take could make some less effective. Some vitamins you take could make some less effective. Ask your doctor or health care professional if the medicines you are mixing together […]